Be a Dudley detective with our treasure trail!

Be-a-Child-Detective-Step-10Dudley is a historic town with lots of interesting buildings and features!

How good are you at noticing what’s around you?

This trail will test how sharp-eyed you are!

We’ve set out the trail for you below – or you can download the PDF and take it with you on your travels…

1. Castle St, DY1 1LQ – outside Exposure beauticians

On the floor, you will see a plaque with Dud Dudley’s name on it – what did Dud use to make iron?

2. Market Place, DY1 1PQ – Duncan Edwards statue

Walk towards the market ahead. In front of the market there is a statue of Duncan Edwards. Look on the statue – how many goals did Duncan score for Manchester United?

3. Market Place, DY1 1 PD – in the middle

Walk on past the market. Between both sides of shops is a water fountain – what type of animals are on the top?

4. Stone St, DY1 1NS – opposite Dixons estate agents Carry on walking up the Market Place. Turn right by Boots and walk down Stone Street until you see the Centre for Equality & Diversity. Look up – what date is on this building?

5. Tower St, DY1 1PE

Turn around and walk onto Tower Street. If you look far ahead there is a famous Dudley landmark – what is it?

6. Priory St, DY1 1EJ

Turn back around and walk across Stone Street Square to go to Dudley Museum & Art Gallery. Outside the museum are 3 weather dials. Look at the middle dial – name one of the weather conditions on it.

7. St James’s Rd, DY1 1HP

From the museum, cross over to St. James’s Road and then walk to the Town Hall. Outside are two lampposts – how many lights are on each of the lampposts?

8. St James’s Rd, DY1 1HR

Next to the Town Hall is Dudley Library. Outside the front entrance look up at the building and you will see a stone sculpture of a child’s face with a sculpture of a building beneath it – what type of building is it?

This trail is approximately 1km long.

When crossing roads, please use zebra crossings where available and always follow the Green Cross Code.