Black Country Day – ere today, not gone tomorrow!

DCTRealAleIt may be the ‘official’ Black Country Day today (and we’re loving seeing the Black Country flag flying far and wide) – but don’t think it’s all over yet…

July seems to have been adopted as Black Country month so, whilst many a celebration was had this weekend, there’s lots more still to come!

Here’s just a few…

The crowds flocked to the official celebrations in Dudley’s Stone Square on Saturday, but if it’s left you wanting more – you can join in festivities in Bilston on Friday 25th July, or Willenhall on Saturday 26th July. They’re promising live music and entertainment – all with a Black Country flavour, of course.

There are several showings of Black Country Blues, a play by Robert Warrington and Suzan Spence, up unitl the 18th July at various venues across the region. Black Country dialect meets Jamaican patois in a riotous and bittersweet comedy. Tickets are available through the Drama and Some website.

And Tipton library will host a local history lecture ‘What Tipton gave to the world’, by Keith Hodgkins on Thursday 17th July. Did you know Tipton is famous for iron boats, steam engines, cast iron bridges and land speed record breaking cars? There’s more besides – come and hear all about it.

We hope you’ll agree that the very first Black Country Day festival has provided a bostin’ homage to Black Country heritage. We can’t wait to see how BIG it gets next year!

If you can’t hold on that long, make sure you plan visits to these great places while you’re waiting. They celebrate great things about the Black Country ALL YEAR, EVERY YEAR!

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Dudley Museum & Art Gallery
Black Country Living Museum
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