Dudley Museum needs YOU!

WW1 Dudley Museum1In case you hadn’t realised the significance of the date on Monday – it marks the 100 year anniversary of the start of World War 1.

I’m sure you’ll agree – that’s a date worthy of commemoration, and Dudley Museum is doing just that as it opens its brand new WW1 exhibition at 12noon.

A dedicated gallery has been decked out in honour of our Dudley ancestors who fought, and died, for kin and country.

The story of the war, and the impact it had on Dudley town and its people, has been painstakingly re-told through a series of displays built by museum staff.

These include an impressive replica of a WW1 trench and first aid dressing station that offer visitors an insight into the realities of a soldier’s life.

But perhaps even more striking are the artefacts on display – collected by the museum from local folk. Postcards received by wives from their husbands on the front. A helmet, handed over to honour a family hero. Heartbreaking letters of condolence notifying families of the loss of a loved one.

Far from being a simple collection of objects from the war, these items represent the people of Dudley – and what they went through during the war-torn years.

The exhibition has been a labour of love for museum staff who have worked tirelessly for four months to bring WW1, and the local stories, to life.

We urge you, please pay it a visit – and pay your respects.

Dudley Museum & Art Gallery is open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Entry is free.

Educational visits for schools to the WW1 exhibition can be arranged from September.