It’s Black Country comedy, ay it!

GStourbridge Town Hall’s monthly comedy night is turning Black Country in July – as you’re invited to ‘Kum-n-avaloff’ as part of the Black Country Day festivities.

Although Black Country Day is officially on 14 July, the revelry has spread into a month-long celebration because there’s so much to be proud of across the region.

July’s Kum-n-avaloff night will join in the fun, celebrating local humour on Thursday 3rd.

Local comedian Andy White, who hails from Smethwick, will headline the event and two further support acts are still to be announced.

Andy is known for his silly voices and mad afro – which he uses to devastating comic effect. He has appeared on the BBC’s New Comedy Awards, Brand Spanking New on BBC Radio 7 and gave a winning performance on the Weakest Link comedian’s special.

As well as making people lol up and down the UK, he’s also taken his Black Country comedy overseas, performing in Monte Carlo, Berlin, Abu Dhabi and Dubai amongst others.

Tickets to Kum-n-avaloff are priced at just £8 and include a curry. Now that’s a Black Country bargain!

Order tickets to Kum-n-avaloff online here.

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More Kum-n-avaloff comedy nights are scheduled for:

4th September

2nd October

6th November

4th December